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Maleficent: This has never happened before


So I went to see Maleficent this morning. I made sure that I hadn’t read any reviews or critiques of the film beforehand, because I wanted to come at it cleanly and also because I was terrified that it would be awful and/or Maleficent would die at the end, therefore retreading the fairytale films…

I’ve been seeing so much negative criticism for the new film Maleficent, and it is SO UNFAIR. The post above does an amazing job of summarizing why this movie was quite good. It definitely flew above my expectations (haha seewhatididthere). You definitely have to dislocate “Maleficent” from “Sleeping Beauty” to fully enjoy this movie. Do not go in expecting a carbon copy of the original Disney classic. Also, bravo Angelina, bravo


have you ever started reading a book and just put it down and thought “i have read better fiction by fifteen-year-olds with microsoft word and a fanfiction.net account”

True Blood book series. I bought the box set, because I love the show, and then immediately sold the entire set on kijiji because it was HORRIBLE AND SO DISAPPOINTING. 

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I need to vent a little.

I don’t usually post personal things about what I’m feeling, but I don’t know, for some reason I felt the need. Maybe someone out there who is dealing with similar issues will stumble across this entry and not feel so alone.

I craved balance in my life before realizing that being a Libra comes with a certain appreciation of it. I don’t really put too much stock into horoscopes, at least not the ones written in the daily newspaper, but I can definitely relate to the whole balance characteristic. 

So that’s why I was a little uneasy with how suspiciously positive my life had been in the last year or so. Finally get a job at my goal location, finally being offered a contract for field work in the Arctic. A lot of other smaller things were going very well too. I said to my friend “yeah, something bad surely must happen, because everything is too good.” 

If there’s no balance in my life, I become sceptical. 

I’m glad my life has balanced itself out (I think) before I go up North, because I definitely don’t want negativity to be introduced via raging polar bears or crashing planes. 

The first concretely bad thing to happen was a few weeks ago. My boyfriend (Brent) and I had planned to buy and renovate a small cabin to live in at the farm we’ve been staying at. Those plans got scrapped in a matter of hours, to be tentatively replaced by maybe buying a camper trailer. For various reasons, even that plan is now floating around without an anchor. Okay, fine, there’s still time to figure our future out. We might be a little bit homeless, but it’s okay, because our friends provide us a support network, and we still have jobs. And now Brent seems a little conflicted about what he wants to do with his life: does he want to keep up the small organic farm, or pursue a science masters in insects, and if he does, will he feel too guilty about leaving a practice which so many people depend on?

The second thing was a lot worse. Brent and I had been raising a calf for our own meat supply. Organically raised, space to run around, you know, clean happy meat. When we got her, I said I wouldn’t let myself get attached because we were raising her to eat her. Brent named her Moos. I always said she was too skinny, so Brent started feeding her a bit more. Then one day about two weeks ago, after being in the rain a bit too long, Moos caught pneumonia. Despite our best efforts, she never recovered. Two days ago she died. The thin wall I had projected to protect my feelings had crumbled in about a minute, and work that day was almost impossible. I felt like we’d failed as parents. It would have been a little easier, sending her off next year, if she’d at least had time to live a little bit. Having such an intimate experience with death put a lot of perspective on my life, which I suppose is a good thing.

The third thing has many facets, and has been going on for a while. I love my father very much, and we spend a lot of time together, mostly doing outdoor activities like biking and canoeing, etc. About a year ago we both noticed spots on his skin. Being a very practical man, he went to the doctor to get them checked out, claiming all the while that it was probably nothing. Me being a hypochondriac, I automatically assumed skin cancer, because we both have susceptible genetics for that (pale, freckles, blue eyes, etc). The diagnosis is a little bit of both: precancerous spots. He got some cream to treat the spots, which seemed to work for a while, and I could breathe a little easier. I saw him last week and the spots are back, a little darker than before. I’m trying not to think about it too much, because otherwise he’s a very healthy, fit 54 year old. But added on to this is his stupidly stressful job. He’s only been there for a year now, and I desperately want him to quit. His manager is a tool who does not know how to properly delegate, dumping way too many responsibilities on my Dad, who himself has to manage a team of twenty, some of whom are incompetent. His boss even discouraged him from going on a week-long vacation. If they can’t run things without him for one week, then, just - ugh. 

So yeah. I’m leaving for the Arctic on Wednesday, which I’m now feeling a bit conflicted about. I’ll be there for 6 weeks, without any internet connection. The only methods of correspondence will be satellite phones with limited air time, and snail mail letters, which will undoubtedly take a long time to actually reach their destinations. I’m going to have to force myself to not think about all the things happening here at home, while I’m up there, because I know I won’t be able to fix anything without a solid form of communication. All I can do is keep busy and help things go smoothly. 

Whew. Writing is very cathartic, I find. Especially in a paper journal with a good pen. I’ll probably be writing all of this out again later. It definitely made me feel a bit better, having everything that I’m feeling out in the plain sight. 

Song Suggestion~

Empty Corridors by Ben Howard

(really anything by Ben Howard from his Old Kingdoms album is amazing)

Working with aerial photos after basemaps in ArcMap hnnnnggg so much faster




You’re living, you occupy space, and you have mass.

You know what that means?

You matter

this is the most inspirational pun i have ever seen


Guess who wants to be a farmer?One of the world’s oldest professions is gaining popularity among America’s younger generations, thanks to demand for organic and locally sourced food and a desire to get back to basics.



Guess who wants to be a farmer?
One of the world’s oldest professions is gaining popularity among America’s younger generations, thanks to demand for organic and locally sourced food and a desire to get back to basics.




I’ll take a combination of these rooms please


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jonahadkins answered your post: ArcMap servers are having major issues…

Do you mean ArcGIS Online Services?

Yes - but we just reset our connection to the server, and it’s all good now, so I think it was a local network problem… the Bing Imagery wasn’t loading properly and everything was just SUPER laggy, but it’s back to normal now. 

ArcMap servers are having major issues… anyone else currently trying to work with the program and/or data?